THERE are no end of McDonald’s restaurants in Gwent - a lot of yellow arches for a lot of hungry customers - but are they loving it?

Part of the McDonald’s appeal is the consistency of its offering, but according to these reviews not every meal is a happy one.

We took to Tripadvisor to check the verdict on each of Newport's seven McDonald’s restaurants.

This is what we found.

Pencarn Way

South Wales Argus: Pencarn Way

There are only two Tripadvisor reviews for this McDonald’s at the Asda supermarket on Pencarn Way.

Both reviews give the restaurant ratings of four out of five.

One user, writing in 2017, said: “Well, like any McDonald’s there [sic] food is good. There’s a lot of choice to choose from.”

These two ratings are enough for the Pencarn Way McDonald’s to top the Tripadvisor rankings.

Harlech Retail Park

South Wales Argus: Harlech Retail ParkHarlech Retail Park (Image: Google)

This restaurant has 14 reviews, five of which rate it as “terrible”.

In May 2022, one user bemoaned: “Food is quite nice but seriously! They never put the sauces in and they always charge you more than it says at the ordering screen! Please sort this out but the food is quite nice.”

A more recent review from November 2023 described the restaurant as “one of the best in Newport”.

Lyne Road

South Wales Argus: Lyne RoadLyne Road (Image: Google)

This McDonald’s in Shaftesbury has 29 reviews on Tripadvisor, eight of which rate it as “terrible”.

One user, writing in September 2023, said: “Been there three times since August […] won’t go again sick of complaining about poor quality food.”

Another customer writing in the same month said the restaurant manager dealt with an issue “straight away” and praised the “superb customer service” on show.

Another review from the Covid lockdown period said: "I would just like to say how efficient and well organised the staff were at this specific McDonald’s. The small queue was definitely due to how the store was being operated in difficult circumstances.

"Food was the hottest we had ever received, full order correct and I was in and out within 10 minutes with a pretty big order just below the £25 limit. Great work guys, thank you!"

High Street

South Wales Argus: High StreetHigh Street (Image: Google)

There are 16 reviews for this city centre McDonald’s - nine of which rate it as “terrible”.

One tummy-rumbling reviewer cried: “Taken 40 minutes to make 20 chicken nugs! Not good enough for a fast food restaurant. Very very hungry.”

Another praised the “thoughtful” customer service and thanked staff for a “lovely lunchtime eating experience”.

Another review, from June 2022, praised a "lovely" member of staff called Debbie.

"Debbie assisted us showed us how to order on the screen as we are both pensioners and not up to this technology," they said. "[Debbie] even found us a seat. We are on holiday, so popped in for a coffee and burger, all fine, but this lady went the extra mile to be so helpful."

Coldra Roundabout

South Wales Argus: Coldra RoundaboutColdra Roundabout (Image: Google)

There are a whopping 127 reviews for this roundabout on the east of Newport, 38 of which rate it as “terrible”.

One user, writing in February 2024, said: “Dirty place and awful service. Had issues with an order and asked to speak to a manager to be met with someone with an attitude problem.

“Tried to explain my issues and frustration to be told I was the rude. Gave up and left with no order.

“Makes no difference to them but I won’t be returning.”

Another user, writing in October 2023, went as far as calling it the “worst McDonald’s I have ever been to”.

There are also a number of five-star reviews. One user said: "This branch of McDonalds is quite busy at times, offers excellent service, staff are polite and restaurant is clean."

Another said: "10/10 would eat again. They never judge you for going through the drive through in your pyjamas. Thank you for saving me from many hangovers."

Afon Ebbw Road

South Wales Argus: Afon Ebbw RoadAfon Ebbw Road (Image: Google)

Tripadvisor users have left 37 reviews for this McDonald’s out in Rogerstone.

One customer, writing in July 2023, said: “I was given the wrong drinks. Whilst waiting at the window staff were all shouting and swearing.”

Another user left a more positive review in September 2022, picking out a particularly helpful member of staff by the name of Ethan.

In the same month, another said: “Wait at least 15 minutes in drive through every time. Terrible service. Worst McDonald's in the area.”

According to the collective wisdom of Tripadvisor users, there is worse.

Newport Retail Park

South Wales Argus: Newport Retail ParkNewport Retail Park (Image: Google)

The worst McDonald’s restaurant in Newport, according to Tripadvisor, is Newport Retail Park.

It has 39 reviews, 32 of which rate it as “terrible”.

The restaurant reopened in September with a "future-proof" re-design, separating diners and couriers and sporting a renovated eating area.


In December 2023, one user said: “Absolutely disgusting, an hour and half for delivery, food arrived cold with items missing, no contact number, delivery driver useless, and walked away laughing when we said items missing.”

Another user writing in the same month said they “waited an hour for nothing”.

The last positive Tripadvisor review came in April 2022, nearly two years ago.