HERE is a selection of dogs from Many Tears Animal Rescue which are looking for their forever homes.

If you think you would be able to rehome one of them go to for full contact details and to find out more. Or telephone 01269 843084.

You can also donate money to the charity to help it carry on its rescue work by visiting the same website.

Jiffy one-year-old female Labradoodle

South Wales Argus: Jiffy the Labradoodle

This “sweet girl” is looking for her forever home after coming to the rescue centre from a breeder.

She is still nervous of people initially but with a bit of coaxing (and some tasty treats) will appreciate a fuss.

She enjoys nice quiet strolls on a lead but is still a bit wary of cars.

She loves playing with other dogs, like her kennel friend Sparky, and will need a confident resident dog ready to share their home.

Poppet six-year-old female Boxer

South Wales Argus: Poppet the Boxer

Poppet is a gentle girl who has “come out of her shell” at the rescue centre.

Her confidence is growing - especially when food is involved.

She also loves lazing on the sofa, so her adopters will need to accommodate this.

She will need a confident resident dog that is happy to help her settle and a garden where she can run.

Frieda one-year-old female Lhasa Apso cross

South Wales Argus: Frieda the Lhasa Apso cross

Frieda is a timid girl who turns into the “sweetest little lady” when she gets to relax.

She loves to be with other dogs and will need a kind resident dog to help her settle in a home environment for the first time.

She will need to learn all about housetraining and how to walk on a lead and harness.

Frieda’s adopter will need to be patient and understanding.

She will take time to realise how loved she is.

Tommy five-year-old male Cocker Spaniel

South Wales Argus: Tommy the Cocker Spaniel

The rescue centre describe Tommy as an “absolute delight” who they can’t help but fall in love with.

He is very affectionate and loves attention - and will climb into your lap to get it.

He can live with older dogs, savvy children and cats.

He needs a home where he can snuggle next to his family on the sofa and would prefer to be the only dog in the home.

He can get jealous if his waggy tail isn’t the star of the show!

Ayooni five-year-old female Husky

South Wales Argus: Ayooni the Husky

Ayooni was initially very skittish and scared but she is starting to show her curious and sniffy side.

She will need experienced adopters with a very calm home and secure garden.

Despite being unused to human attention, she has made no attempt at aggression towards those in the rescue centre.

She will need a kind resident dog to bond with and show her things are okay.

The sensitive soul will need to be housetrained and “infinite patience” - and then she will really shine.