The Future Generations Commissioner for Wales has urged action on tackling the climate and nature emergencies, as well as improving the nation's health.

Derek Walker's proposed solution is the establishment of a long-term national food strategy with the Sustainable Farming Scheme (SFS) at its core.

He stated that the "nature and climate emergencies require us to take urgent action" and the scheme needs swiftly resolving so we can progress to implementation.

In the latest State of Nature report, one in six native species is at risk of extinction, and modern farming has been designated as a cause of this situation.

Next month, stakeholders in the food and farming sector will convene to delve into urgent, transformative changes to their industry.

He added: "I’ve been calling on Welsh Government to prepare a national food plan", and noted that farming incomes are crucial to the rural economy.

He also stated that farmers need security and calls for additional ways to strengthen the income of farm businesses including contracts with the Welsh public sector to "ensure healthy food reaches our schools and hospitals."