The public must help farmers and stay safe this spring, says an insurance expert.

Anderson Fossett, from rural insurance broker Lycetts, has reached out to countryside visitors to be considerate of the pressures livestock farmers face during the lambing and calving season.

He has warned against the temptation to interact with young farm animals, outlining the potential dangers.

Mr Fossett said: "The desire to pet or feed cute young animals is natural, yet overlooking the consequences of such actions can be hazardous."

He urged the use of public rights of way and planned walking routes.

He also reminded walkers that they should always leave gates as they found them.

The insurance broker highlighted the risk dogs can pose, urging owners to keep them on the lead.

He said: "It can be a very stressful period for farmers, many of whom work 18-hour days tending pregnant cows and sheep and newborns."

He concluded that public awareness and responsibility can contribute to a safe farming season.