More than 75 per cent of people in Wales believe that breeding dogs with genetic health problems is unacceptable.

This figure from recent RSPCA polling, highlights public concern about the welfare of flat-faced breeds such as French bulldogs and pugs.

Despite these concerns, these breeds have become increasingly popular, often resulting in unsuspecting owners being faced with their pet's serious health issues and expensive vet bills.

Esme Wheeler, dog expert at the RSPCA, said: "They are imprisoned in a body which is painful, inhibiting and prevents the dog from being a dog."

She added that the three breeds suffering the most - pugs, English bulldogs and French bulldogs - have been "normalised" and celebrated in advertising, promoting demand for their acquisition despite their health issues.

As part of its Born To Suffer campaign, the RSPCA calls for a halt to extreme breeding and instead prioritises the dogs' health and welfare.

Ms Wheeler concludes: "It’s important people know when they see ‘cute’ photos of a pug on Instagram, the reality behind the photo is very different."