A PLAN to extend a path through private woodland in Monmouth has been agreed by a council. 

Dr Chris Sparks notified Monmouthshire County Council of his intention to extend the path  through the 1.6 hectare Brookholme Wood at Great Manson Farm on Osbaston Road by 200 metres. It will be two metres wide and is to enable ongoing management of the woodland including the felling and removal of trees. 

No surfacing will be applied to the track unless necessary, where it is required local crushed stone will be used.  

Dr Sparks said in his notification of agricultural works that a small number of larch trees will also have to be felled to create the path. 

The planning department said the plans are acceptable as the path is “reasonably required for forestry purposes” and Dr Sparks owns and maintains sufficient land to be able to construct forestry tracks without the need for full planning consent.