POLITICIANS representing Gwent in the Senedd put party differences aside last week to commemorate the tens of thousands of lives which have been lost in the conflict in Gaza.

John Griffiths, Welsh Labour MS for Newport East, joined the Plaid Cymru members for South Wales East - Delyth Jewell and Peredur Owen Griffiths - on the Senedd steps.

The peaceful “Naming the Dead” banner wrap last Wednesday, March 13, was organised by the Bristol-based organisation of the same name.

South Wales Argus: L-R: Peredur Owen Griffiths, Delyth Jewell and John GriffithsL-R: Peredur Owen Griffiths, Delyth Jewell and John Griffiths (Image: Supplied)

Speaking at the event, Mr Griffiths said the “ongoing terrible loss of innocent life must stop” and “humanity must prevail”.

“There should be an immediate permanent ceasefire, release of all hostages and proper levels of humanitarian aid,” said the Welsh Labour MS.

“We could then look to the beginnings of discussion on a political way forward to enduring peace and stability for Palestine, Israel and the region.”

He thanked all who took part in the “powerful” demonstration.

South Wales Argus: Dozens took part in the peaceful demoDozens took part in the peaceful demo (Image: Sam Portillo)

Ms Jewell, who is deputy leader of Plaid Cymru in the Senedd, said it was a “deeply emotional experience to see the names of the thousands of people who’ve been killed”.

“It reminded us all that behind every statistic is a human life cut brutally short,” she said.

“I asked every person there to join me in a prayer, to whichever God they prayed to, or if they didn't have a religion, to hold the names of these thousands of people in their hearts.

“To pray for the precious souls killed in Gaza, in Israel, for the hostages still being held, and to join in a defiant, determined hope that these deaths must end.

"For the sake of these thousands of people, and all those whose lives still hang in the balance, there must be a ceasefire, a return of hostages, and an end to the killings."

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Ms Jewell’s party colleague, Mr Griffiths, said the banner highlighted the “scale of the slaughter” in the conflict.

“The reality is that in the days that follow, there will be many more names to add to the list and some of those will be children.

“Above all, it underlines the need for a ceasefire immediately and a humanitarian aid operation on an unimaginable scale due to the levels of destruction wreaked upon Gaza,” he said.

“The need for a ceasefire was pressing when the Senedd voted for it at the beginning of November. We are now four months on with many thousands more dead.

“To stand back and do nothing is inexcusable. I implore political leaders in Westminster and the US to act swiftly and decisively before the lives of more innocent people are taken.”