AN ENVIRONMENTAL campaigner has been branded the “world’s politest protester” after interrupting a national TV debate held in Monmouthshire.

In an “On the Road” edition of BBC current affairs programme Newsnight, Victoria Derbyshire spoke to members of the public in Abergavenny about the issues of the day.

It came after The Sunday Times crowned the town as the best place to live in Wales.

“We’re here for one of our outside broadcasts where we gauge the mood of people who live and work here in the run-up to an election later this year,” Ms Derbyshire said, addressing the nation from the “stunning” St Mary’s Priory.

They heard from a cross-party panel of politicians featuring South Wales East MS Natasha Asghar, health minister Eluned Morgan, Plaid Cymru leader Rhun ap Iorwerth and Helen Morgan, Liberal Democrat MP Helen Morgan.

They discussed the state of the economy and family finances as the UK Government as the Conservatives hope people start to feel better-off before they cast their votes later this year.

The Welsh Government is also under the spotlight, with the Welsh Labour party’s new leader Vaughan Gething set to be crowned first minister against a backdrop of protests at the Senedd and personal controversies around donations to his campaign.

With barely a minute left of the programme, one member of the audience called Angela unveiled a banner and interrupted Ms Morgan’s speech environmental protection.

“We need to protect our rivers,” she said. “We’ve got to the stage where no politicians are listening to what’s happening.

“Water is life. If we haven’t got clean water, we’ve got no life.”

Ms Derbyshire said: “Just to let the audience around the country know, Angela’s holding up a banner that says protect our rivers.

“Thank you, Angela. Well done. Ladies and gentlemen, we’re literally out of time.”

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A member of the production crew then gently escorted her from the filming area and she did not resist.

“It’s quarter past eleven. That’s not because of Angela, I hope you saw the banner - it said protect our rivers.

“That is all from us tonight […] all that remains is for me thank Angela, and our politicians, and all of you here in Abergavenny. Good night.”