The Easter bunny came early in Monmouthshire.

The Easter bunny paid a visit to Monmouthshire County Council's Children's Services, courtesy of Monmouthshire Building Society.

The society staff, clients, and customers generously donated 200 Easter eggs and this act of kindness will allow the children's services team to distribute the festive treats to the most vulnerable children and young people in the county.

Stuart Clarke, the treasurer of Monmouthshire Building Society, said: "Once again, the Monmouthshire Building Society is delighted to have been able support Monmouthshire County Council and the children it looks after.

"Across our South Wales branch network members and colleagues have been donating Easter eggs, more than 200 chocolate eggs have been collected.

"It's wonderful to be able to help in this way and make such a big difference."

Additionally, Cllr Ian Chandler, county council cabinet member for social care, expressed his heartfelt gratitude, "It's heartwarming to know that people care year after year and want to bring a smile to some of our county's most vulnerable children.

"Thank you to everyone who has donated through the Monmouthshire Building Society."

This marks the society's seventh consecutive year supporting the children's services initiative.