Farmers across Wales are being urged to attend a free event to receive advice and tips on TB.

The event, scheduled for Monday, March 25, aims to highlight signs of the infectious disease and offer practical advice to reduce herd risks.

The gathering takes place at Kingsway Community Centre, Quedgeley, hosted by Tyndale Vets, the only independent farm-only practice in Gloucestershire.

It is open to all farmers, regardless of affiliation to Tyndale.

Sam Ecroyd, from Tyndale said: "There are lots of practical steps that farms can take to significantly reduce their risks of a TB outbreak, which can be devastating."

He also clarified myths around TB, particularly the term "no visible lesions," frequently appearing on post-mortem reports.

He stressed that the majority of animals testing positive are indeed infected, with only 1 in 5,000 cattle falsely identified as affected.

Sam urged farmers to adopt uniform precautionary measures to combat TB: "Every farm needs to implement the same precautions to prevent it spreading."

To book a free space, contact Tynedale Vets.