A WELLBEING salon in Abertillery is set to open its doors on Saturday, offering treatments to "enhance the customer's natural beauty".

The Escape Beauty Room, located on Church Street in Abertillery, is the third premises that owner Claire Escape has had in her eight years of being in the business.

Mrs Escape, 50, said she "wants people to come in and get excited about taking care of their skin."

South Wales Argus: Outside of the salon, set to open for an open day on Saturday, March 23Outside of the salon, set to open for an open day on Saturday, March 23 (Image: TEBR)

The beauty salon offers everything from Nimue skincare range to anti-aging treatments like chemical peels, mesotherapy and blemish removal.

The owner is ready to use her new HydraFacial machine on clients. She said: "This is a water-based solution for those clients that can't have chemical peels due to the medications they are on or the medical conditions they have.

"Because it’s water-based, there’s an oxygenation wand which pushes product into the skin instead of chemicals. If someone has acne, it’s good for exfoliating the skin without compromise."

South Wales Argus: Inside the salonInside the salon (Image: TEBR)

While other beauty salons can cater to many clients at the same time, Claire Escape aims to have one client in the salon at any given time "to ensure you receive our full attention and make your time with us as special & relaxing as possible."


Claire is a registered healthcare professional with the GPHC (general pharmaceutical council), working in the pharmacy industry for 20 years.

She said, "I came up to redundancy. Then I thought I've got a science background and I love good skin, so why not?"

South Wales Argus: Room where treatments are doneRoom where treatments are done (Image: TEBR)

The first two premises for The Escape Beauty Rooms were on Somerset Street in Abertillery.

Now her salon is on Church Street, which she said is "the biggest premises so far".

Skin analysis consultation

Mrs Escape explained that "people expect things to change overnight and they don't, it's a journey when you come here. For the long haul."

She said: "It is about looking at the whole person, looking at their diet and stress, even gut health and working with them on their whole lifestyle, not just the skin."

South Wales Argus: Inside The Escape Beauty Rooms, with calming aestheticInside The Escape Beauty Rooms, with calming aesthetic (Image: TEBR)

The Escape Beauty Rooms salon is hosting an open day on Saturday, March 23 at 12pm midday, so that clients can look around and find out about the existing and new treatments.


25 Church Street


NP13 1DB