A club in Torfaen has been on a mission to bring pickleball to the forefront.

The Torfaen Pickleball Club has partnered with Torfaen Sports Development, aiming to expand the sport's reach.

Usually an indoor pastime, the last year and a half saw lines marked at Pontypool Park Tennis courts.

Courtesy of grant aid sourced by Sports Development, it has the largest number of outdoor pickleball courts in Wales.

This initiative has seen a surge in participants over 50, and more than 120 pupils from St Albans School enjoyed pickleball in their summer activities week.

South Wales Argus: Cwmffrwdoer Primary School's pickleball teamCwmffrwdoer Primary School's pickleball team (Image: John Killick)

The club is now introducing pickleball to primary school students through taster sessions.

Cwmffrwdoer Primary School has eagerly welcomed this opportunity, with the requisite nets, paddles and balls provided through club partnerships.

Holly Hinchey from Torfaen’s Sports Development said: "We are always looking for new sports to get children active and Pickleball really fits the bill as it is so accessible and easy to play."

Pam Killick, a recently retired teacher from Cwmffrwdoer, has been spearheading pickleball activities, starting with an after-school club.

Cwmffrwdoer headteacher, Sarah Roque said: "The children are so excited and ask every week if they’re playing Pickleball.

"We only have a small outdoor space so we’ve never been able to offer a racket sport before."

Pickleball's ease of play, credited to the short-handled paddles, bolsters children's confidence, leading many to express interest in playing outside school hours.

The club hopes to cater to this demand with early evening indoor sessions and warmer weather outdoor sessions.

Alan Arnott, chairman of Torfaen Pickleball Club, said: "Up to present, we’ve always had an elderly age range at the club so we’re really pleased to be bringing in children to be the future of this wonderful sport which, over several years, has been the fastest growing in the country."

Schools interested in taking up pickleball can get in touch with Pam through Sports Development.

It offers 8-10 45-minute sessions for Year 5 and 6 pupils over a term, inclusive of teacher training.

If a school expresses interest to continue, they may purchase their own easy-to-store equipment.

The cost is minimal and financial support may be available.