It has been reported that the number of faulty smart meters in the United Kingdom has risen by over a million.

Since the figures came to light, millions of British Gas, OVO, Octopus, and EDF smart meter energy customers have been warned to take action.

According to the Department for Energy Security and Net Zero (DESNEZ), 2.7 million were not operating in smart mode as of June 2023.

It has since revised this figure to 4.31 million following rectification of a data reporting error. At the end of last year, 3.98 million were faulty.

According to Smart Energy GB, a non-profit organisation focusing on the benefits of smart meters, there are now almost 35 million smart meters in Great Britain and the 'vast majority' are operating as intended.

Peta Butler, 79, told the BBC: “It’s been two years of hell. It’s affected my health. And it’s completely taken away any confidence I’ve got. If I have to do anything, I just panic. I don’t sleep at night really because my body, it can’t let go.”

Mrs Butler said she recently received £2,900 back from Utility Warehouse - which did not cover what she was owed. She is now with a different supplier.

A Utility Warehouse spokesperson said they would refund Mrs Butler with all the money she had paid on the account.

"We acknowledge that the customer service Mrs Butler received fell below our usual high standards and we’re sorry for the inconvenience and distress this has caused," they said.

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"We have spoken to the customer and after further reviewing the account, have agreed to provide a goodwill payment in acknowledgement of the service she received.”

Lord Callanan, Minister for Energy Efficiency and Green Finance, has written to Ofgem, urging "action to ensure suppliers are held to account if they are not supporting customers with issues as they should be”.

And regulator Ofgem said: “If customers have concerns about the way this is handled, they can complain to their supplier, and if the issue is not resolved to their satisfaction, they should raise it with the ombudsman."

A Smart Energy GB spokesperson said: “There are now almost 35 million smart meters (representing 61 percent of all meters) in Great Britain and the vast majority are operating as intended, with an overall improvement in the proportion of smart meters operating in smart mode since 2022, up from 87.3% at the end of 2022 to 88.6% at the end of 2023. 

"Please be reassured that it will still be recording your energy use correctly"

"Figures previously reported in 2023 included a data reporting error which has been rectified in the latest figures released by the government. The positive trend must continue, to ensure everyone can benefit from the full range of smart meter benefits.

“We know that most people have a very positive experience with their smart meter, but we also understand the frustration felt by some whose meter may be temporarily operating without all of its smart features. 

“If your smart meter is not sending automatic readings to your energy supplier, please be reassured that it will still be recording your energy use correctly. We would recommend that you send your supplier meter readings to make sure you receive accurate, rather than estimated, bills until all of the features of your smart meter have been restored.

“If you experience a problem with your smart meter, contact your energy supplier. If you do not think your supplier has met its obligations, you can contact Citizens Advice and the Energy Ombudsman for further support.”