NFU Cymru is pleased with the outcome of a meeting with the new First Minister for Wales.

Held on March 26, the meeting with Vaughan Gething MS, and the cabinet secretary for climate change and rural affairs, Huw Irranca-Davies MS, allowed the union to present its main concerns.

Following the union’s request, the meeting created a platform to discuss vital issues affecting farming and rural communities.

NFU Cymru president, Aled Jones, said: "We are pleased that the First Minister and Cabinet Secretary prioritised meeting with us at their earliest convenience.

"This was a welcome opportunity to discuss the ambitions, as well as the concerns, of an industry currently under a huge amount of pressure."

The meeting - also attended by NFU Cymru deputy president Abi Reader - focused on issues such as the Sustainable Farming Scheme (SFS) proposals and anxieties in the sector.

Mr Jones added: "The meeting was constructive, and we now look to the new First Minister and Cabinet Secretary to consider our asks.

"Farmers need stability, now more than ever.

"They need stability to invest in their businesses, to invest in efficiency gains and in the environment."

Mr Jones insisted on the importance of continuing constructive dialogues to work through current difficulties and find mutually beneficial solutions.