Comments from new transport secretary Ken Skates (Argus March 26), raise hopes that residents of Severnside may find some relief from traffic problems.

Hopefully his "listening philosophy"’ will help him to see that building a link road between the B4245 and the M48 near Rogiet is a "no brainer".

The Welsh Government has already approved a road south from the B4245 to Severn Tunnel Junction.

Extending the same road north to the M48 –a matter of only about 200 yards - is a logical move. It would allow motorists travelling to Newport, Cardiff, Bristol etc to get onto the motorway network more quickly, reducing traffic through residential areas of Undy, Rogiet and Caldicot.

It would cut the serious congestion that takes place at Magor every time the "old" Severn Bridge is closed and would ease pressure on the High Beech roundabout at Chepstow.

It would reduce pollution in local villages and would also give motorists easier access to Severn Tunnel Junction.

Monmouthshire County Council fully supports the proposal. The urgent need is already there.

Once plans to build 700 more houses near Caldicot are implemented, the need will be even greater.

Come on Ken, come to Rogiet and have a look. Then let’s get it done!

Peter Strong
County Councillor
Rogiet Ward


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