A cycling initiative has been launched to get more people in Wales on bikes.

Welsh Cycling has announced the launch of the Festiva Series, a groundbreaking initiative aiming to inspire cyclists of all ages and abilities through biking festivals across Wales.

These festivals will not only promote cycling but will also embody community spirit through the celebration of Welsh landscapes.

In 2024, 35 events have been announced with additional ones aimed at providing 5,000 opportunities for both the young and the old.

The events will range from women and girls focused activities to a 'Pump & Jam' series across Mid-Wales, filled with a plethora of thrilling experiences, including jumps, tricks, balance challenges, races and games. There will also be events focused on the Paris Olympic Games.

Robbie George, director of development & participation at Welsh Cycling said: "The Festiva Series is more than just a set of events; it's a movement towards making cycling an integral part of Welsh culture.

"We believe that by creating accessible, enjoyable, and diverse cycling experiences, we can inspire more people to embrace cycling, whether as a means of transportation, a way to improve health, or simply for the joy of it.

"Our goal is to see more Welsh people cycling more often, enjoying the myriad benefits it brings to individuals and communities alike."

The series targets removing barriers to cycling participation by organising local riding opportunities with local clubs, aiding event organisers with costs to keep events affordable, and providing bikes on hire at events when possible.

Apart from promoting cycling, the Festiva Series also prioritises sustainability.

The plan includes eco-friendly practices like trail cleanups, waste reduction measures, promoting public transportation, and putting to use digital platforms for event registrations and updates, reflecting Welsh Cycling’s dedication to environmental responsibility.

For more information about the Festiva Series, visit Welsh Cycling's official website.