THERE have been fewer crashes in Gwent since the introduction of the 20mph default limit on Welsh roads.

That is according to the results of a Freedom of Information request, submitted by the Argus to Gwent Police last month.

The force sent a monthly breakdown of incidents involving people and vehicles between September 2022 and January 2024.

It shows there were fewer collisions not just in one of the months since the controversial law was passed - but in all four where data is currently available.

There were 5,883 collisions in Gwent in the 12 months before September 2023 when the 30mph standard was slashed.

In the four full months with data since the change, there were 1,993 collisions - down from 2,173 in the same period a year prior.

That corresponds to an eight per cent reduction in collisions across Gwent.

The Welsh Government points to research which suggests their policy could result in a 40 per cent reduction in collisions per year.


Gwent Police recorded exactly 585 “injury accidents” in the 12 months leading up to September 2023.

That accounts for just less than 10 per cent of all recorded collisions.

The worst month for serious collisions in this period was December 2022, with 63. The lowest, February 2023, had just 30.

The government expects the slower speeds to save around six to 10 lives and avoid between 1,200 and 2,000 people from being injured each year across Wales.

They also hope the law, which came into effect on September 17, will make it safer for residents to play, walk and cycle, and reduce noise pollution.

South Wales Argus: Many will remember former first minister Mark Drakeford for the 20mph lawMany will remember former first minister Mark Drakeford for the 20mph law (Image: File)

But it has provoked strong opposition from the Welsh Conservatives who say people do not want a “blanket” limit.

It has also inspired a record-breaking petition to “rescind” the legislation, which accrued nearly half a million signatures before being presented to the Senedd earlier this month.

The new first minister Vaughan Gething and transport secretary Ken Skates are committed to the 20mph policy though a review of the guidance given to councils, who have power to exempt roads, is under way.