Newport and Monmouthshire are among the Welsh counties with the highest number of new homes according to a new study.

The report, by construction bonds specialists CG Bonds, brings to light the surge in new builds in these areas over the last decade.

Newport is second on the list, with 34.76 new homes per 10,000 residents, with Monmouthshire close behind in third with 33.48.

Blaenau Gwent lands near the bottom, with just 14.18 new homes for every 10,000 locals. The fourth lowest in Wales.

The study pulled the latest data from the Office of National Statistics, recording the population of each local authority area.

The researchers then calculated the number of new builds per 10,000 people.

Using this method, areas with the highest number of new builds per 10,000 residents ranked highest.

While these counties have seen considerable development, the average for all of Wales is 21.37, below the UK's average of 30.49.