A Monmouthshire town was the location for a special fundraising event over the Easter weekend.

Greyhound Rescue Wales hosted a street collection and choir performance in the bustling town of Abergavenny, attracting many supporters.

The successful event aimed at raising money for greyhounds and lurchers in need.

Greyhound Rescue Wales is recognised for its boutique-style charity shops, and the Abergavenny branch on Cross St has gained a loyal following of shoppers and animal welfare enthusiasts since opening two years ago.

South Wales Argus: Visitors were able to meet some of the greyhoundsVisitors were able to meet some of the greyhounds (Image: Greyhound Rescue Wales)

On this special fundraising day, attendees were treated not only to performances by Abergavenny Choirs for Good but also had the opportunity to meet two greyhounds from the charity's Hillcrest rehoming centre near Ammanford.

Staff and volunteers from Greyhound Rescue Wales were present to discuss greyhound adoption and debunk existing myths about the breed.

The charity has made an immense effort to rescue dogs, particularly greyhounds, who have retired from the once-popular sport of greyhound racing.

Greyhound Rescue Wales provides these dogs with the necessary medical care, rehabilitates them for life as pets, and helps them find their forever homes.

Although there is currently only one greyhound track left in Wales, the Valley Greyhound Stadium in Ystrad Mynach, Greyhound Rescue Wales brings in dogs from various tracks across the UK.

South Wales Argus: Abergavenny Choirs For Good performedAbergavenny Choirs For Good performed (Image: Greyhound Rescue Wales)

The charity - which has been working to help dogs for more than 30 years - is presently caring for approximately 25 dogs and has a waiting list of around 30 dogs in need of homes.

The charity's CEO, Tim Doyle, expressed his gratitude for the town’s support.

He said: “We are proud to play an active part in the high street in Abergavenny.

"The support for greyhounds and lurchers locally is excellent and it was great to see so many people outside our shop, chatting to our staff and volunteers and meeting our amazing dogs.

"Greyhounds are often their own best advocates and people always come away from our events with a new-found love for this gentle and affectionate breed.”

To learn more about Greyhound Rescue Wales or to find ways to support this charity, visit the Greyhound Rescue Wales website.