Farmers can improve their skills in more areas after 17 new courses have been launched.

These educational opportunities are part of Farming Connect's training programme and cover a variety of useful subjects including fertiliser usage, embracing change, digital marketing, and sheep shearing.

These fresh learning options serve to broaden Farming Connect's range, which already has more than 120 subsidised courses accessible to registered individuals.

The subjects are divided into categories that include business, land, machinery and equipment, and livestock.

Farmers interested in improving their medical knowledge can sign up for First Aid for Feet.

The range also spans other valuable skills like Safe use of Vet and Med.

A multitude of practical skills can be gained from courses like Dry Stone Walling.

This teaches construction and maintenance of dry-stone walls.

While the business planning, first aid, and food safety courses sharpen administrative and safety competencies.

The Peatland Restoration class offers information on the importance of peatland and how to manage them sustainably.

The aim is to impart knowledge on managing peatlands, which are crucial for carbon storage, flooding reduction, wildlife support, and act as a nature-based solution for farms against climate change.

Farmers and landowners interested in forestry will benefit from the Health & Safety Awareness of Forestry and Woodland Operations.

This course provides legal and practical knowledge on the management of forestry work and promotes a safety-first culture.

One of the most intriguing new offerings is the BASIS FACTS Fertiliser Advisors Certification and Training Scheme.

It provides training on environmentally friendly and industry-standard fertiliser use and nutrient management.

Whereas the Embracing Change course is designed to support those struggling to accept changes, with lessons tailored around coaching models, identifying resistance patterns, and fostering a positive outlook.

Other courses like Fencing and Gate Installation - Post and Strained Wire, Drone Use and Techniques in Agriculture and Understanding and using MTD Making Tax Digital software serve to enhance agricultural and technical skills.

Some of these initiatives particularly focus on niche subjects.

For instance, the Elite Wool Industry Training UK targets beginners and advanced learners for shearing, and the Level 2 Welfare of Animals in Transport provides insights into animal rights during transportation.

To learn about or register for any of these training courses, visit the Farming Connect section of the Business Wales website, contact your Local Development Officer or call the Farming Connect Service Centre on 03456 000 813.