A WOMAN from Newport will face trial in front of a jury after she denied a six-month period of harassment last year.

Chantelle Shipley, 25, pleaded not guilty to a charge of racially aggravated harassment without violence at Cardiff Crown Court.

The offence relates to a “course of conduct” between January 30 and June 12 last year towards Stacey Griffiths.

Judge Simon Mills watched a portion of shaky mobile phone footage taken from one such exchange.

He asked whether the alleged racial element of harassment was captured in any footage.

Rose Glanville, prosecuting, said it had not been recorded but was claimed by a number of witnesses.

After Ms Glanville and defence lawyer Tabitha Water estimated the trial would last between three and five days, Mr Mills said he would “actively manage” proceedings so it took no more than two.

“If there are any problems, I will be extremely unhappy about it,” he said.

Ms Shipley has moved into a new home since the incident and now lives elsewhere in Newport, while police have taken a full download of her phone.

A jury trial will take place on November 18, 2024, at Cardiff Crown Court.