Sometimes, the story behind a dog’s move to an animal rescue centre can be completely heartbreaking.

That is the case with Barley and Bean, two dogs who are now looking for their final home together after a very tough life.

Bean, a 13-year-old Westie cross, and Barley, believed to be a nine-year-old Papillon cross, came into the care of the team at Many Tears Animal Rescue in Carmarthenshire when their owner passed away.

While much of Barley’s history is a mystery, Bean, who the team believe could be even older than her approximated age of 13, has a history of being a breeding dog for much of her life.

After she was retired from breeding and no longer of use, she was given to the breeder’s mother. While in the mother’s care, Bean lost much of her sight and hearing, meaning she is now almost fully blind and deaf.

When their owner passed away, Bean and Barley were given to Many Tears by the breeder, who did not want to keep them.

Many Tears owner Sylvia Vanatta said: “When we got the call to ask if we could take them both in, we of course did without hesitation.

“Needless to say, Bean is struggling with kennel life, a change of situation like this for any dog is difficult, but for one who can only see and hear a minuscule amount, it’s extremely tough.

“Bean relies heavily on her nose, she is also very arthritic, dare I say a little senile, but still aware enough to enjoy all of the fuss.”

Barley is a super confident dog, who loves fuss and still has so much energy for a senior pup.

Seen by the team as “Bean’s rock”, Barley is doing a very important job that he doesn’t seem to know too much about, as although Bean cannot see or hear him, she is seemingly “very reliant” on Barley’s presence.

According to one member of the Many Tears team, when Barley had to have surgery, Bean did not cope well at all.

They said: “We sat with her, comforted her and cuddled her while she awaited his return.

“Even if she can’t see or hear him, she still knows when he is close.”

Bean is also dealing with a myriad of other health problems. To this end, Many Tears are looking for someone who could take in both dogs together.

Ms Vanatta added: “We understand this is a big ask, but we now need a very special home for these two angels, to see out the rest of their days. They do not need any other dogs in the home; however they do get on well with others.

“As Bean’s time may be limited, they need someone who is going to be around a lot of the time, and they do not cope well when alone.

“Experience with blind dogs is always a bonus and when Bean’s time does come, rest assured Barley would cope very well as an only dog.”

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