The story of a major Welsh drugs bust from the 1970s will be told in Newport.

In March 1977, an undercover police operation known as Operation Julie led to the greatest drug bust in history, bringing the world's attention to the usually quiet West Wales region.

Back by popular demand, Theatr na nÓg and Aberystwyth Arts Centre are delighted to retell the story that had global implications on a limited six week run.

The tour includes Newport shows between April 17-20, 2024.

A successful debut run in 2022 sparked the return, with more locations added.

Close to fifty years ago, a colossal police investigation involving 11 police forces struck the rural Welsh countryside, culminating in more than a hundred arrests across Europe, jail sentences totalling more than a century, and the seizure of over half a billion pounds worth of LSD.

This one case obliterated nearly 60 per cent of the world’s LSD supply during the peak of its 70s popularity.

The story is told from both sides of the drug divide, relating accounts of the police effort and the escapades of the hippies who sought a new way of living, fuelled by a combination of LSD and a nonconformist approach to life.

Dealers central to the narrative include Alston 'Smiles' Hughes based in Llanddewi Brefi, and Christine Bott and Richard Kemp who successfully produced the purest LSD ever known.

Richard Kemp passionately expresses: "We need a revolution in people’s minds, we need a spark to put the world on the road to some sort of survival."

Even today, Alston 'Smiles' Hughes stands by the central ethos of the acid movement, which he claims was as much about sustainability and saving the planet as it was about psychedelic trips.

He contends this critique of state of our current world: "We were raising the flag and saying look, look, this is an emergency.. And look at the state of the world now.

"They should have listened – they should have bloody listened…"

The production transports the audience back to the 70s with costumes, sets and most importantly, a setlist of psychedelic rock and heavy metal hits from giants like Hendrix and Hawkwind, and Welsh rock scene staples Budgie and Man.

Greg Palmer, Operation Julie’s musical director said: "I’ve been very keen from the beginning of the process to have the sound world of the play reflect those musical trends, including great Welsh bands of the time Budgie and Man."

Geinor Styles, Theatr Na nÓg artistic firector said: “Although its roots are in Wales, this wonderful theatrical experience aims to reach out across the world - a little like the acid did at the time!"