A family has shared footage of an 'unusually bright shooting star' flying through the night sky which they captured on their Ring doorbell camera. 

Richard and Claire Ward-Jones from Warwick shared the video (which can be seen below) with Ring after reports of people in their area witnessing a meteor shower.

When reviewing their Ring Video Doorbell Pro footage, Richard was amazed to see the shooting star light up the sky.

The shooting star was said to be travelling across the English Channel at 70km/h.

Ring found that 37 per cent of people in the UK had never seen a shooting star/meteor and 69% of those people said they hope to see one in their lifetime.

Ring giving away free doorbell cameras ahead of Eta Aquariid meteor shower

The next meteor shower to grace UK skies is set to be visible across April and May 2024.

The Eta Aquariid meteor shower is set to be active and visible in UK skies between April 19 and May 28, 2024, according to Royal Museums Greenwich, and will peak between midnight and dawn on May 6.

The Eta Aquariids is described as a "moderately active" meteor shower associated with the Comet Halley.

Ahead of the meteor shower that begins later this month, Ring has revealed it will be collaborating with UK Fireball Alliance (UKFAll) to give away 50 free Stick Up Cam Pro and Wired Video Doorbell Pro devices to help more homes across the UK capture their own astronomical footage.


To apply all you have to do is head to the UK Fireball Alliance website fill in your details then in 50 words or less describe why you would like to receive the free Ring device.

Managing Director EU & International at Ring, Dave Ward, said: “Wishes may change as we grow up, but everyone can appreciate the phenomenal beauty in seeing a meteor shower.

"I’m glad Ring devices can play a small role in helping people capture and share these fascinating moments, and maybe even contribute toward scientific discoveries.”