NATIONAL Trust Cymru has committed to protecting a special building in Newport following a spate of damage to the site. 

Tredegar House in Newport is seen as a beloved heritage site in South Wales and had sadly fallen victim to some petty crime in recent months. 

The damage inflicted included breaking the windows of the mansion and the walls of the formal gardens at the house. 

It has left some volunteers and visitors to the site distressed, with many saying on social media it was "awful" to see such damage done to a "wonderful building". 

Despite this outpouring of frustration and anger from members of the public, National Trust Cymru, who own Tredegar House and are responsible for the upkeep, say there have been no reports of incidents of damage done to the house in the last few weeks. 

The house is currently awaiting new glass to be put into its windows after the most recent attacks, which the National Trust says happened a while ago. 

In speaking to the Argus, the National Trust has reaffirmed its commitment to Tredegar House and maintaining it for the good of future generations. 

They also confirmed that the police had been made aware of these previous acts of damage and vandalism and are investigating these incidents. 

A National Trust Cymru spokesperson said: "Sadly, there has been a series of incidents damaging the windows of the mansion house and walls of the formal gardens at Tredegar House.

"The Gwent Police and Operation Heritage Cymru are working to investigate the matter. However, we can confirm that none of those incidents have taken place in recent weeks.

"National Trust Cymru are supporting Gwent Police and Operation Heritage Cymru to help raise awareness of heritage crime so that together we can protect our places for everyone, for ever. "

Gwent Police have also reaffirmed their commitment to protecting the historic sites across Newport and Gwent as a whole. 

Sergeant Lisa Parker, from Gwent Police, said: “The importance of our historic sites cannot be under-estimated.

"Our officers have provided crime prevention advice to Tredegar House and will continue to do so.

"Together with our partners, we work to protect historical sites and will take action against those who commit heritage crimes in Gwent.

"If have any concerns about anti-social behaviour and associated disorder, call us on 101 or send us a direct message via our Facebook or X pages.

"Alternatively, you can contact Crimestoppers, anonymously, on 0800 555 111."