A teachers' union has said that recommendations to improve education in Wales have come "too little, too late."

Dr Patrick Roach, general secretary of NASUWT – The Teachers’ Union, expressed disappointment at the lack of urgency from the Welsh Government in addressing the workload crisis in schools: "Any recommendations that have the potential to deliver immediate improvements to teachers' working conditions are welcome.

"However, teachers will be disappointed that the Strategic Review recommendations offer too little, too late."

Dr Roach spoke following the release of the IWPRB Strategic Review Report and went on to underline the pressure the majority of teachers are under, saying: "Teachers cannot continue to soldier on under the pressure of crushing workload demands."

He suggested that many may leave the profession if the situation doesn't improve, concluding: "Ensuring high educational standards depends on a workforce that is supported and has the time and capacity to do the job.

"If the Government wants to prove they are serious, we need to see meaningful proposals that will be implemented urgently in response to the challenges faced by teachers today."

The report stated: "We agree with the views of consultees that the present arrangements have served the profession well, and that wholescale reform of the structure of teachers’ and leaders’ pay and conditions is not necessary at the present time.

"Nevertheless, we believe that some changes are necessary in order to improve the current arrangements. Several of these require detailed further consultation and, in some cases, greater understanding of the impact of the reform agenda. We reflect this is the way in which we present our recommendations and in the timescales we suggest.

"We believe that any changes to the structure of pay and conditions should seek to ensure that teachers and leaders feel valued, appreciated and supported, and are seen as being fair across the profession."

Neil Butler, NASUWT national official for Wales, supported Dr Roach's sentiments, saying: "After months of delay, the Strategic Review is not the earth-shattering document that teachers had been hoping for."

He felt that little is being recommended that would make a significant difference quickly, pointing out: "We have been seeking to engage with the Welsh Government for five years to achieve progress on workload reduction.

"The previous Education Minister promised to get a grip on the problem, but the Government failed to deliver any meaningful changes for classroom teachers."

Mr Butler concluded: "Promises of jam tomorrow are not going to assuage the concerns of teachers.

"The Welsh Government must waste no time in coming forward with the proposals needed to address the retention crisis and keep good teachers in the classroom."