PD Ralf is retiring after five years of service to the community of Gwent.

Ralf joined the service in 2019.He is of Cocker Spaniel breed who was trained to detect cash and firearms.

Ralf has been known for showing up with different hairstyles and adorable looks over the years. His favourite activity is swimming and teasing his older brother PD MinkHe worked alongside of PD Mink under the supervision of his handler PC James.

He met his handler PC James Gareth in 2019 when he joined the team and has been serving the community for five years. During his service since 2019 he has done immensely great work.

Not long after starting on the team, PD Ralf showed that he and PD Mink made a great team after a suspect was found to have a suspicious looking substance. 

After Mink stopped the person, Ralf took over searching their car and uncovered some drugs – which led to a warrant.

Following lots of sniffing around, Ralf found £10,000 in cash and two large bags of white power with a street value of £25,000. A barking success

Another big win for PD Ralf and his handler came after a drug courier was stopped as they travelled through Newport.

He made light work of searching the cab of the van that was being driven and, after searching both high and low, he uncovered 12.6kgs of cocaine with a massive street value of £1.2 million.

People have been leaving comments under the Gwent Police’s tweet thanking him and wishing him a good retirement.

PC James passed the general purpose dog instructors course in 2023. Passing the course allowed him to licence the general purpose dog courses. He also offered initial purpose dog courses and refresher training courses.