"It isn’t free to deliver a properly funded education system," says the Welsh Conservatives.

Responding to anger from unions and headteacher representatives towards Labour comments about recommendations to improve teachers’ workload and conditions, shadow education minister, Laura Anne Jones MS said: "Education is in crisis in Wales and working conditions for teachers are driving the system to breaking point."

She criticised the Labour Welsh Government for prioritising plans for more politicians over education funding.

Ms Jones added: "The Welsh Conservatives would ease the workload pressures in our schools with our plan to recruit 5,000 more teachers to save Labour’s lost generation."

This reaction follows the IWPRB report's recommendations for improving teachers' working conditions.

Affordability within the constraints of Welsh Government, local authorities, and schools' budgets is an important aspect of implementing these recommendations, said education minister Lynne Neagle, who commented that the implementation of recommendations would be done if it was cost neutral.

She stated, "Many of the recommendations have financial implications.

"Given these financial pressures, the implementation of any of the recommendations in the short to medium term will only occur where they can be shown to be either cost neutral or are able to be met from existing budgets."

Ms Jones said in response: "It isn’t free to deliver a properly funded education system that gives children the best start in life, and by failing to prioritise education funding over plans for more politicians the Labour Welsh Government is firmly on the wrong side of history."