A TikTok 'cleaninfluncer' has revealed how you can clean an entire home by spending less than £1.

Kayleigh Tenant known for her cleaning tips and tricks has more than 2.2 million TikTok followers and helps viewers clean their homes in affordable ways. 

Now, working with budget-friendly supermarket Aldi, Kayleigh is sharing how a 95p cleaning product can clean an entire home.

Posting a video on TikTok, Kayleigh wanted to show shoppers how to streamline their cleaning cupboard using the one Aldi product, the Powerforce All in 1 Cleaner (£0.95, 1L), to clean her bedroom, kitchen, bath, fridge and car in under one hour.

@cleanwith_kayleigh #AD Powerforce Power Hour 🧼🫧 I was challenged by @Aldi UK to see how many ways I could clean my home with just one product, priced at 95p! Did you know you could do all these things with the Powerforce All-in-1 cleaner? Head to an Aldi store near you to pick up yours and see what you can get cleaned 🤭 Prices correct as of 15th April 2024 #AldiUk #cleantok #reset #cleaning #cleaningmotivation #cleaningtips ♬ original sound - ✨clean with kayleigh✨

TikTok star Kayleigh Tenant shares how to clean an entire home for less than £1 with Aldi

Available in three fresh scents, Cotton Fresh, Lemon and Lavender, Kayleigh uses the calming scent of Cotton Fresh.

Already gaining hundreds of likes and comments, Kayleigh's video suggests five big hacks all just using Powerforce All in 1 Cleaner.

Hack 1: Radiating Lasting Freshness  

Offering her first tip, Kayleigh tells shoppers to use one cap full of the Powerforce All in 1 Cleaner into an empty spray bottle and dilute it with water.  

Using a microfibre cloth and spraying tables, you can get clean and clear surfaces with no fuss.

Hack 2: Kitchen Nooks  

Adding a cap full of the All-in-1 Cleaner into a bowl and diluting it with water before soaking a cloth in the solution and adding it to a flathead mop will allow you to easily wipe down those hard-to-reach surfaces.

Plus, you can reuse the cloth again by simply throwing the cloth in the washing machine once used.  

@cleanwith_kayleigh ✨cleantok✨ #cleantok ♬ original sound - ✨clean with kayleigh✨

Hack 3: Fridge Refresh   

With hands reaching in and out of the fridge nonstop, this home appliance can quickly become caked with food and grime. Kayleigh’s next tip will have fridge shelves looking squeaky clean.

Pouring a capful of the All in 1 Cleaner into the bathtub, fill the bath up with water before adding the fridge shelves.   

Soak and wipe down with a cloth before drying and popping back into the fridge ready for a restock.

Hack 4: Bath and Plug Maintenance  

Keep the bath shining by pouring a couple of neat capfuls all around the bath before wiping it down with a cloth.  

Then wash the cleaner away with water before pouring another neat capful down the plug hole to leave the bathroom smelling nice and fresh.  


Hack 5: Cleaning the Car  

The TikTok star also shares how to keep the car clean by using the diluted disinfectant in a travel spray bottle, spraying down dashboards and the steering wheel, and then wiping with a clean cloth to remove dust and grime.

Plus, you can keep a travel bottle and some cloths in the car ready for cleaning on the go.

Aldi's Powerforce range, including the All-in-1 Cleaner, starts from 49p and includes the likes of the essential Powerforce Microfibre Cloths 4 Pack (£1.59), Powerforce Non-Scratch Sponge Scourers 6 Pack (£0.79) and Powerforce Strong and Absorbent All Purpose Cloths 10 Pack (£1.05).