South Wales is set to feature on the new series of Hold The Front Page with comedians Josh Widdicombe and Nish Kumar which launches in April.

The show follows the pair as they travel across the UK working at local newspapers, trying to find stories big enough to land a front page. 

The second series of Hold The Front page will see Widdicombe and Kumar attend festivals, immerse themselves in communities and check out some bizarre small-town attractions. 

The pair even made a trip to Benidorm in the new series on the hunt for news.

South Wales to feature on new series of Hold the Front Page

Widdicombe (The Last Leg) and Kumar (The Mash Report) stopped in at the South Wales Argus in September 2023 to lend the news team a helping hand as part of filming for series 2 of Hold The Front Page.

The pair wrote an article about Welsh music royalty Charlotte Church performing in Usk to raise awareness about the perilous state of the river.

Widdicombe and Kumar's visit to south Wales is set to appear in series two of Hold The Front Page which is due to start in April.

Speaking about the new series ahead of its launch Widdicombe said: "It’s a real connection to your own community… So many of the people we talked to, it was about providing something for the local community to stick together, or helping the local community.

"It’s just about a sense of characteristic and pride… These people living in the same area together, whether that be Benidorm, or whether that be Dartmoor, you know, same thing."

While Kumar, revealing what they found to be the hardest part about being a reporter to be, added: "I think because of the way that funding models are being squeezed for local newspapers, now the pressure is on local journalists to write articles, take photos, do video content, be doing Facebook Lives, like, you sort of have to be print journalist, photographer, and broadcaster. That is really, really difficult.

"And it’s part of the reason why I think, mainly, what we come away from all of these thinking is: ‘God, that’s a hard job, and aren’t they good at it?"

South Wales Argus: Series two of Hold The Front Page will launch on Sky Max and Now on April 24.Series two of Hold The Front Page will launch on Sky Max and Now on April 24. (Image: CPL Productions/Sky UK/Photographer: Steven Landles)

Asked if they had improved as journalists from the first series, the pair jokingly said no.

Kumar said: "We might have got worse. I don’t really know how that’s possible.

"I think we went into it assuming we’d be better. But I think unfortunately, some of our skills had atrophied in the 12 months between series."

Widdicombe chimed in: "Yes, I think, you know, when they say you never forget to ride a bike…"

Before Kumar added: "We forgot how to ride that bike. And we ended up cycling straight into a tree.


When and where to watch series 2 of Hold The Front Page

Widdicombe and Kumar will return for series two of Hold The Front Page in April.

The new series of Hold The Front Page launches on Wednesday, April 24 on Sky Max and NOW.