The potential job losses at Welsh museums are concerning for 'all of us' according to the Welsh Conservatives.

Responding to recent news that Wales' national museums will cut at least 90 jobs following a substantial reduction in funding, Tom Giffard MS, shadow minister for culture, tourism and sport shared his concerns.

Mr Giffard said: "This news is concerning not just for the individuals who will be impacted, but for all of us."

According to him, disproportionate funding cuts risk the preservation of Wales' shared heritage while he considers the Labour Welsh Government to be focusing its budget on other areas.

Mr Giffard continued his criticism stating: "The Labour Welsh Government should scrap its vanity projects and use those funds to protect our cultural history."

The impending job cuts follow a £4.5m reduction in the museum's budget with the Welsh government acknowledging it had to make 'extremely difficult decisions' due to its own budget being £700m less in real terms than it was in 2021.

Jane Richardson, chief executive of Museum Wales, which operates seven sites around Wales, told the BBC about the difficulties of managing such a drastic reduction in a short time span.

The museum only discovered the extent of the cut just before Christmas, leaving her team with a significant challenge.

Ms Richardson expressed that 90 per cent of costs were staff-related, and described the current situation as unparalleled during her career.

Given the large proportion of the budget allocated to staff costs, the figure of 90 job losses cited by Ms Richardson, although significant, could unfortunately still rise.

These layoffs will impact an organisation that, according to the museum's website, has more than 600 employees and welcomes approximately 1.8 million visitors annually.

Notably, no definitive total figure for job losses has been confirmed as of yet.

It has also been suggested that additional plans to manage the funding cut could include charging visitors for special events such as guided tours and exhibitions, and closing earlier during the winter season.

The National Museum in Cardiff, one of the organisation's most renowned buildings, may even face closure due to its deteriorating condition.