The Welsh public deserves a return on investment in public transport according to the Welsh Conservatives.

The comment came in response to a review by Transport for Wales (TfW) on proposed timetable changes.

Natasha Ashgar MS, shadow transport minister, heavily criticised the Welsh Labour Government for their handling of the transport service.

"I very much hope that the vast amount of taxpayers’ money; £125 million, handed over by the Welsh Labour Government to bail out TfW, will actually deliver the much-needed improvements to transport services across Wales," Ms Ashgar stated.

Last year, TfW services faced over a million minutes of delays.

To address this issue, she called for "urgent action" to improve the situation for commuters across the country.

Ms Ashgar also critiqued the Labour Government, asserting that they "continue to punish commuters" with policies such as 20mph speed limits and a halt on investment into new road projects.

In response to the review, TfW said they reviewed their "longer-term rail timetable commitments", and assured that they are making an effort to meet the demands of the customers while also fitting the needs of passengers.

Further explaining their future planning, TfW said in their statement, "It is imperative that we balance the needs for a regular, robust and reliable service within our budgets and against our targets to deliver more sustainable transport."

TfW’s revised timetable aims to better align with the travel habits of the customers, while becoming a truly multimodal operator.

They claim that this will result in demand-driven growth across both bus and rail sectors.

Certain areas, however, will face tough decisions due to the necessity to provide capacity where it is most required, and reducing the public subsidy.

The review outcomes will result in TfW running 87 more services than when it took over in 2018 and additional successful outcomes include more carriages on some of their busiest services.

Nevertheless, some older commitments for more services on certain routes have been deferred.

This indicates a down-the-line approach from TfW to increase efficiency and save costs while hopefully delivering the improvements that Ms Ashgar and Welsh commuters hope to see.