A CHILD closed herself off from friends and family, and would punch walls in her room in an uncontrolled reaction to the abuse inflicted on her.

In a heart-breaking statement, despite her suffering, the victim still had the presence of mind to realise what her reactions to the abuse was having on the people she loved.

David Devlin, of Station Road, Ystrad Mynach, preyed on his victim, who cannot be named for legal reasons, from when she was six-years-old.

Monster Devlin, was sentenced for his disgusting crimes at Newport Crown Court on April 12, and it was here the tragic impact statement, which was also tinged with hope, was read out.

In it, the victim said because of the abuse she had self-harmed and considered taking her own life, but went on to reveal as the years rolled on and she became more “mature” she was able to rid herself of her demons, and in this moment of clarity she realised the impact her actions – no fault of her own – were having on her family.

She wrote: “I basically closed myself off.

“I would stay in my room all day and not want to leave.

“I got flash backs and nightmares. The only place I felt safe to sleep was with my mum.      

“I feel constantly depressed. I think about everything that has happened and I start crying, then I get angry and start to punch walls in my bedroom.

"I felt so sad and angry and would take it out on myself.

“(But) I am now seven months free of self-harm and that has made me really happy.

“Now I am more mature I see how this has effected other people in my family.”

Sick Devlin, 45, was also found to be in possession of category B indecent images of children (the second highest category) and extreme pornographic images.

South Wales Argus: Sick Devlin was sentenced to 11 years behind barsSick Devlin was sentenced to 11 years behind bars (Image: Gwent Police)

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Previously of clean character, the only mitigation given for him was his guarantee he won’t contact the victim ever again.

On sentencing, His Honour Judge Porter-Bryant, was alarmed at Devlin’s lack of remorse in the case, level of denial, and little concern he showed for the victim.

Devlin was given 11 years in prison and will serve two thirds in custody.