A MAN WHO lost four stone in just nine months has spoken out about how his dieting journey changed his life. 

Lee Newbold, 37, who lives in Abercynon, began attending a Slimming World group in Nelson, Caerphilly, after becoming "very unhappy" with his weight and what he saw when he looked in the mirror. 

Feeling like a burden to those around him, Lee was already familiar with Slimming World as he regularly helped his partner, a consultant, with his class. 

South Wales Argus: Lee felt like a burden and was 'very unhappy'Lee felt like a burden and was 'very unhappy' (Image: Kayleigh Thomas)After months of hearing the members' stories and seeing their determination to lose weight and coming to terms with how he was feeling about himself, Lee decided the time had come to do something about it. 

He said: "I originally didn't want to do anything and be a burden or get any animosity. 

"However, after seeing what Simon (my partner) was achieving with his members and his own weight loss, it made me want to change.

"I kept saying I just wanted to help him on his journey but I knew deep down I wanted to help myself."

South Wales Argus: Lee now feels more confident in himself Lee now feels more confident in himself (Image: Kayleigh Thomas)

Lee was immediately welcomed into the group by group leader Kayleigh. 

He said: "From my first session, it was clear I had made the right choice. I didn't want to feel how I was feeling and I wanted to get to a place where I would be able to look at myself and not be ashamed of what I saw. 

"Hearing about so many different journeys and perspectives made me realise I can do this. I threw myself into the plans and didn't look back."

Lee believes that many people don't realise how freeing Slimming World can be, as you are still able to have all the food you enjoy, and his favourite meals include curry and Sunday roast.  

He added: "You'd be surprised at how much you can eat and still lose weight - it's insane. The trick is to eat the good things until you are full and make sure you aren't starving yourself."

South Wales Argus: Lee has now hit and maintained his target weightLee has now hit and maintained his target weight (Image: Kayleigh Thomas)Lee has taken up walking more with his dogs and partner - he puts much of his weight loss down to this new daily habit. 

Slimming World has changed Lee's whole relationship with food, and he says the support from both his group and partner have been "amazing".

He said: "It doesn't matter whether you're looking to lose half a stone or ten - you are welcomed like family. I couldn't ask for anything more."

Lee's family were shocked by his weight loss of four stone in just nine months, where he is now a target weight loss member. 

He said: "I'm now able to wear what I want and am more outgoing and become more confident in myself. I will always know what it's like to be unhappy, and I won't let myself go back there again."