A South Wales bakery, best known for their special ‘croissant bomb’, has been named among the best in Britain.

Britain’s 13 best bakeries "worth queuing up for" have been revealed in a list constructed by The Telegraph. 

The list features top bakeries from across the country including in locations like London, Manchester, Edinburgh and Cardiff.

Introducing the list, the news outlet said: "It has been remarkable to witness the rise of independent bakeries across the country, with artisan (handmade, additive-free) bread and viennoiserie at the forefront of the new offerings. 

"This is part of a bigger, growing interest in slower lifestyles, with more attention to craftsmanship, growing your own food, home fermenting and shopping for ultra-local British ingredients from independent producers.

"Social media is only fuelling the trend, with elaborate pastries and loaves produced as art objects regularly going viral. 

"Everyone has their favourite bakery, but those featured here are worth a detour (to steal the Michelin Guide’s line), notable for their ethical practices and imaginative flavours and often found in unexpected places. 

"They are worthy of your time queuing and waiting. Making a humble croissant or loaf of sourdough is a lengthy process; it only seems fair that we give a little of our own time to receive our tasty reward."

The best bakeries in Britain 'worth queuing up for'

The best bakeries in Britain, according to The Telegraph are:

  • Farro (Bristol)
  • Lilac Bakery (Exeter)
  • Tarn Bakery (London)
  • Cut the Mustard (London)
  • Proof Social Bakehouse (Kennington, Oxford)
  • Modern Provider (Margate)
  • Pinch (Saxmundham, Suffolk)
  • Dozen (Norwich)
  • Northern Rye (Newcastle upon Tyne)
  • Long Boi’s Bakehouse (Manchester)
  • Bostock (East Linton)
  • Lannan Bakery (Edinburgh)
  • Tŷ Melin Bakery (Cardiff)

You can see the full list and more details about each bakery on The Telegraph website.

Cardiff bakery 'worth queuing up for' named among best in Britain

The Tŷ Melin Bakery in Cardiff (49 Wellfield Road, CF24 3PA) featured on The Telegraph's list of Britain's best bakeries that are "worth queuing up for".

The bakery, which the news outlet said was best known for its ‘croissant bomb’, was recognised for its "goods baked with love".

The Telegraph explained: "Owning, running and nurturing an artisan bakery is a true labour of love, requiring time and dedication – so it seems fitting that the entrepreneurs setting up these special places are often partners in life and business.

"Tŷ Melin is the creation of Lance Gardner and Angharad Conway, a couple who met through their shared love and experience of baking. 


"A true family affair, Tŷ Melin translates as ‘Mill House’ in Welsh – the name of Angharad’s family home.

"With prestigious bakery experience between them, it’s no surprise that Tŷ Melin’s sourdough is perfectly bouncy and its viennoiserie expertly constructed.

"They are best known for their special ‘croissant bomb’, a trademarked pastry made from a crispy croissant shell with a range of fillings including sticky toffee pudding and apple compote, finished with a treacly glaze."