A Ukrainian musician will be performing in Chepstow next weekend as part of a free series of concerts.

Jurij Fedynskyj, a 48-year-old Ukrainian American, spent the last 23 years living in Ukraine, where he works to resurrect the music and spiritual traditions of the ancient Kobzar performers.

These travelling musicians and spiritual leaders, who were popular throughout Ukraine for centuries, were nearly erased from history with the rise of Stalin and the Soviet Union as their members were killed, traditions were suppressed and their instruments destroyed.

Jurij has devoted the past 12 years to reviving the Ukrainian torban, bandura, and kobza, traditional instruments used by the Kobzar.

Jurij, who witnessed the war in Ukraine firsthand, is using the opportunity at the show to host a talk about the war, drawn from his experiences on its front lines.

At the height of the conflict, Jurij and his fellow musicians provided comfort and support to desperate civilians and soldiers, performing at checkpoints, barracks, and shelters.

His concert in Chepstow, supported by Tenormaestro, a new Chepstow-based live music agency, is part of a 50-town tour of the UK and Ireland.

Jurij's performance will start at 7pm on April 27 at St Mary’s Priory Church.

His concerts are free, with donations going towards the Ukrainian Armed Forces and to fund his tour.