A NEWPORT make-up artist has become a YouTube sensation gaining over four million subscribers through beauty tutorials.

Wayne Goss is the founder of his beauty product site and has put Newport on the map with over four million subscribers to his YouTube channel.

He also has nearly 700K followers on his Instagram channel where he provides tips and tricks to fans and celebrities. 

The 46-year-old started posting make-up tutorials on YouTube during his twenties and now uses his channels to teach followers how to use make-up to its advantage.

He said: “I had bad acne in my twenties so I started experimenting with hiding blemishes. By doing this, I started to get fascinated as to what make-up could do for people.

WATCH: Wayne Goss tutorial for flawless Skin. 

“I like to portray the idea that make-up shouldn’t be seen on someone, so I tend to stick with natural pallets and light coverage, similar to bridal make-up, as opposed to Hollywood Glam.”

Goss is completely self-taught, previously reading make-up books written by contemporary artists Way Bandy and Kevyn Aucion.

His studies continued in make-up artistry when he moved to London and was trained professionally as a make-up artist.

Previous videos have included replicating the make-up routines of high-profile celebrities, honest reviews of trending make-up products and ‘how-to’ videos, focussing on contouring, eye make-up and blending.

He told the South Wales Argus that he creates all his ideas and films and edits his work.

South Wales Argus: Wayne Goss sells a generous range of beauty products on his newly launched website. Picture: Wayne GossWayne Goss sells a generous range of beauty products on his newly launched website. Picture: Wayne Goss (Image: Wayne Goss)He added: “I know how daunting it can be these days with hundreds of products on the shelves. I continue with my YouTube channel.

“I hope my videos offer advice and tips for those either just starting to experiment with make-up, or for those who are unsure on how to try certain techniques, such as blending an eyeshadow.”

Earlier this year he launched his first line of make-up brushes on his website, www.waynegoss.co.uk which instantly sold out with more launches planned this year.

The brushes named ‘The First Edition Collection Brushes’ come in a range of shapes and sizes, suited to different make-up techniques.

For more information, visit the Wayne Goss website.