TWO people have been arrested after a group of people allegedly dined and dashed from a number of restaurants across South Wales.

One restaurant, said the party of six left without paying a bill of almost £329, while another restaurant said they racked up a bill of £300.

In one case, La Casona, in Skewen near Neath, described how four of the party of six left the restaurant while two remained, including a child, to pay.

After the person’s card was declined, she went to the car to “get another card”, leaving the kid there, however ten seconds later the kid made a dash for it.

The same scam was committed at the Bella Ciao in Swansea.

The Yard in Cowbridge has shared a post on their Facebook page about the incidents.

After La Casona made a plea on their Facebook page saying “will justice be served?”, now, South Wales Police say two people have been arrested.

In a statement, a police spokesperson said: “Two people have been arrested following reports of several incidents of non-payment of restaurant bills and shoplifting.

“A 41-year-old man and a 39-year-old woman, both from Sandfields, Port Talbot, have been arrested for fraud (obtaining services dishonestly) and theft offences.

“They are currently in police custody at Swansea Central police station.

“Our investigation is ongoing.”

Bella Ciao Swansea hit as family leave without paying £329 bill

Bella Ciao was a newly opened restaurant in Swansea when they were hit by the family.

They posted on their Facebook page on April 19: “To the family who left the restaurant this evening without paying their £329 bill shame on you!

“The lady tried to pay with a savings account card which got declined twice, she then said her son would wait inside while she went out to get her “other card”. Of course, she does not return and then the son receives a phone call and says he has to go and does a runner.

“We had no way of contacting you as the number you used to make the reservation was fake! So we had no choice but to report it to the police.

“To do this to anyone is disgusting, but to do this to a newly open restaurant is even worse!”

South Wales Argus: The family racked up bills of over £300The family racked up bills of over £300 (Image: La Casona)

Family walk out not paying £300 bill at restaurant La Casona in Skewen

Restaurant La Casona said they were “angry” about the incident.

On their Facebook page on April 20, they posted: “On February 23, six people visited our restaurant and left without paying almost £300.

“After the meal, four people have already left our restaurant.

“One lady stayed with a young boy to 'pay'.

“The woman tried to pay with a card which was declined.

“She said she would get another card from the car. We asked the boy to stay and wait for her in the restaurant.

“She left, and 10 seconds after, the boy started to run to the car.

South Wales Argus: The party used the same scam on multiple restaurantsThe party used the same scam on multiple restaurants (Image: La Casona)

“We called the police as soon as it happened.

“We are angry, as yesterday another newly opened restaurant in Swansea – Bella Ciao – was robbed by the same family.

“We also found out that they robbed The River House Restaurant last year in August.

“All restaurants reported it to the police.”