Last week I was delighted to discover amid the Welsh Conservative Shadow Cabinet reshuffle that after requesting to stay, I’ll be remaining in my role of Shadow Minister for Transport.

I was thrilled for many reasons, not least because transport is an incredibly hot topic at present, but also because it’s such a key part of people’s lives, no matter where in Wales you are.

Transport research is a multidisciplinary field that extends far beyond just physically moving people.

The transport infrastructure present within a nation represents the freedom and ease at which people are connected with pretty much everything, from culture, to work, to other people such as friends and family.

This is one of the many reasons why transport infrastructure is such a worthwhile investment; the need for people and things to be connected is always going to be a crucial aspect of our lives – whether its 1924 or 2024.

However, we are very lucky to be in 2024 when it comes to transport, as the advancement of technology has enabled us to be more connected than ever, with those who are furthest away.

This principle in itself, is why as a Welsh Conservative, I’ll always support all methods of transport equally.

I believe transport systems should be implemented based on what suits a particular environment best.

For example, it would be common sense to take a flight to Australia, due to its distance from Wales, and therefore the feasible way to travel is by flight.

Therefore in my mind, based on the same common sense principle, it would be reasonable to suggest that a single mum with a family of four, for example, cannot do a weekly shop on a bicycle.

This is not me suggesting by any means that active travel is not important. It absolutely is, and it should be encouraged where necessary and feasible. But that’s just it – where necessary and feasible.

Motorists attempting to get to work, to see loved ones, and get out and about – absolutely must be able to do so in a timely and affordable manner.

This is why the Welsh Conservatives would invest in our road networks, public transport infrastructure and revert back to 30mph and adopt a targeted 20mph approach outside areas like playgrounds, schools and hospitals, to get Wales moving again.

If there’s anything I can do to help, please email Natasha.Asghar@Senedd.Wales.