An opticians with practices across Gwent is giving back to the community through a special fund.

Julian Davies Opticians, an independent set-up servicing the south Wales region, is aiming to bolster charities, organisations, and individuals with quarterly awards of up to £1,500.

The opticians, which have been a fundamental part of the Welsh community since 1992, have been resolute in their drive to elevate the standard of eyecare in South East Wales areas including Blackwood, Cardiff, Newport and Usk.

Following job-preserving mergers and refurbishments, a significant investment has been made in both the opticians' team and the community to enhance residents' access to premier eyecare services.

The initiative to donate up to £1,500 every quarter of the year is a means of expressing gratitude to the community for their unwavering support and loyalty.

"We’re really proud of the improvements that have been made over the past year to the eyecare available in our local communities," said managing director Chris Tannorella.

"These communities finally have the independent opticians that they deserve.

"We hope to continue striving to remain at the forefront of the optical industry and provide our patients with the best service possible."

The opticians also acknowledged their commitment to enhancing the quality of life within the communities they serve.

Mr Tannorella added: "We are truly committed to improving the quality of life within the communities that we serve.

"We have been so fortunate that these communities have been loyal and supported us and we want to give back in any way that we can."

To participate in the incentive, community members are asked to fill out an application on the practice’s website, culminating in a selection of quarterly winners.

Among the debut beneficiaries of this award are Llandaff City Primary School, which received a £500 donation for a facility catering to neurodiverse children or those with additional learning needs.

Cardiff Dogs Home’s The Rescue Hotel, Whitchurch Bowls Club, and individuals Alan McDermott and Maddie Rowlands - both of whom ran the London Marathon for charity - were also amongst the first recipients of the fund.

The team at Julian Davies Opticians are hopeful that their initiative will spread positivity throughout the south east Wales community and ensure the continued prosperity of the area's small organisations.