This is my first column since the election of a new First Minister and new cabinet.

In recent weeks, I have been scrutinising the new cabinet about their priorities for our communities.

One priority for me is better bus services. We need a new approach so the buses people need turn up and keep running based on the community's needs, not just what is profitable for companies – I’ve made that point time and again in recent weeks in the Senedd.

Of course, when it comes to transport, a great deal of attention has been given to an apparent U-turn in 20 mph zone policy by the minister responsible for transport.

More than six months has passed since Plaid Cymru tabled a Senedd amendment, which was passed, that gained a commitment from the Welsh Government to review the effect of the new 20 mph limits and to empower local authorities to make further exemptions.

Plaid Cymru fully backs the principle of widespread 20 mph zones to make our roads safer and save lives – but no one can deny that there have been widespread problems with its implementation from day one.

The Welsh Government must put this right by using the powers passed in our amendment, and work with local councils and communities to get this policy right once and for all.

We all know that there is a huge pressure on budgets, because of Westminster underfunding (though not helped by some of the decisions taken in Cardiff).

I was pleased, therefore, to get assurances from the new Cabinet Secretary responsible for culture that museum sites in the region, like Big Pit and the Roman museum in Caerleon will remain open for our citizens to enjoy.

But I couldn’t end my column without referring to the biggest story in Welsh politics at the moment: the donation made to the new First Minister’s campaign.

Next week, Members of the Senedd will debate a motion about the donation of £200,000 made during the Welsh Labour leadership election.

We will be calling for an annual maximum cap on the political donations that any individual Member of the Senedd can receive from any individual or entity.

I am sure that people will agree that we don’t want to go down the Westminster route of receiving dodgy donations.

We need a clear and transparent process in Wales. I hope that the motion will pass.