WREXHAM'S MP has stated "nothing has changed" when it comes to the 20mph speed limit in Wales, despite announcements for reverting back to 30mph. 

On Tuesday, the new Welsh Government’s Cabinet Secretary for Transport, Ken Skates, announced that he is open to making changes to the Welsh Government’s 20mph blanket policy and is rowing back by asking councils in Wales to exempt roads from this blanket 20mph speed limit.

Wrexham’s Member of Parliament, Sarah Atherton, has welcomed the news that the Welsh Government has finally admitted that the 20mph policy is not working.

However, Ms Atherton wants the Welsh Government to go further by repealing the policy in its entirety.

The Welsh Government is encouraging residents, emergency services, bus drivers and vulnerable people to contact Wrexham Council to suggest roads that should be exempt.

Mr Skates said on Tuesday: “We’ve started by listening.

"I have been clear in all my conversations that we will put communities at the heart of our thinking and will listen to people.

"As I have already said there is growing consensus on safe speeds in communities that we can build from. We continue to believe 20mph is the right speed limit in places such as near schools, hospitals, nurseries, community centres, play areas and in built-up residential areas.

"The principal objective of the policy is to save lives and reduce casualties on our roads.

"What I am doing now is listening to what people want for the roads in their communities, and pressing ahead with refining the policy and getting the right speed on the right roads."

From September, councils across Wales will have the authority to reinstate 30mph on certain roads.

Ms Atherton says this policy has cost at least £32milion and is forecasted to cost the Welsh economy more than £4.5billion.

Wrexham's MP has said that "nothing has changed" and expects it to be months before any roads are reverted back to 30mph.


Ms Atherton added: “The Welsh Government has finally admitted that their 20mph policy is not working. Whilst I appreciate the new Transport Cabinet Secretary’s effort to hear from Wrexham’s drivers, this is a dereliction of duty for the Welsh Government to pass responsibility for this disastrous policy and road exemptions onto Wrexham Council. 

"Let’s be clear: Welsh Labour may claim to listen, but 20mph remains the default speed limit. Nothing has changed and it will be months before roads in Wrexham, if any, become exempt.

"Rather than making Wrexham Council deal with the aftermath of Labour’s anti-motorist policy, the blanket policy should be scrapped in its entirety. I will continue to call on the Welsh Government to listen to my constituents and residents across Wales more widely and commit to repealing the 20mph default speed limit.”