A new map highlighting the Abergavenny and District has been launched.

The Abergavenny and District Tourist Association (ADTA) released this year's map and guide at the Angel Hotel, with town mayor, Cllr Anne Wilde among the attendees.

Tracey Evans, chairwoman of the ADTA, welcomed the audience.

She provided insights into the association's history and objectives, announcing the distribution of 40,000 copies of the popular slimline guide.

The association is also effectively leveraging social media via Black Mountain Marketing, leading to solid results.

Ms Evans commended the tireless efforts of secretary Mary Davies along with the continual and valuable support of the Town Council and the exemplary hospitality of the Angel Hotel.

Sian Dibley from Black Mountains Marketing, disclosed that more than half a million people have viewed the Visit Abergavenny social media platforms in the past 90 days.

Cllr Wilde affirmed the ongoing vibrancy of the town, recapping its remarkable success in the previous year's Wales in Bloom awards and rallying support for the town's hosting of the awards in September.

The chairwoman issued an open invitation to new and existing business owners to discuss their operations briefly.

Among the businesses represented were Shepherds Ice Cream, founded in 1987, with its first retail outlet opening close to the market in April 2022 by Connie Orbach; Rate of Rise Coffee, a sustainable coffee vendor owned by Jim Cossey; and The Living Mountain, an outdoor lifestyle and camping business run by Jonah Silver.

The Grange Pony Trekking and Accommodation, a thriving business for 67 years, was also represented.

They offer more than 40 horses for trekking in the scenic Capel-Y-Ffin area.

Finally, fresh to the town but not new to the trade, David Haswell of the Frogmore St. Gallery, recounted his three-month journey since his shift from his previous location where he'd managed a business for 28 years.

Lastly, the audience was informed about a charity auction, intended to support the Gunter Mansion project, to be held at the Kings Arms, Nevill St on May 1 at 7pm by Penny Pressler from Pink Angels.

In closing, Ms Evans urged all to consistently engage with their social media platforms, contributing with events and offer updates, bringing a pleasant and dynamic evening to a close.