Travellers who have parked up at a Chepstow car park were told to leave by yesterday evening, Thursday, May 2.

Several vehicles, caravans and motorhomes arrived at the Castle Dell car park in Bridge Street on Tuesday, April 30.

Since arriving at the car park locals have complained that they are unable to use the car park due to the encampment.

A resident in the area said: “It’s disgusting. I live off the car park and am totally fed up with it. They have no right to block the access.

“It’s because they had more arriving so wanted to keep the spaces free. I feel for the businesses in the town.

“This should be a weekend when they have a chance of making a bit more money.”

Meanwhile, a visitor to the area was told to move as they needed an accessible parking space.

They said: “I was told to get out of the car park yesterday morning by one of them because I needed a disabled space.”

Monmouthshire County Council issued a notice on Wednesday evening for the group to leave the land by 5 pm yesterday, but they refused to leave.

A spokesperson for Monmouthshire County Council, said: “A direction to leave notice was served on the encampment on Wednesday, May 1 instructing the caravans and motorhomes to vacate the car park by 17:00hrs on Thursday, May 2.

“This has not been complied with, officers will continue to engage with those involved in line with the Council’s protocol and Government guidance.”