THE Welsh Government's controversial 20mph speed limit scheme will deliver a devastating £9 billion blow to the economy, according to an opposition politician.

Shadow minister for transport, Welsh Conservative Natasha Asghar MS has rubbished claims that the government are going to make changes to the default speed limit and claims the limit will remain at 20mph. 

She was reacting to the news that transport minister Ken Skates is looking at the possibility of scrapping the controversial speed limit.

Mr Skates has promised that the speed limit will revert back to the previous 30mph where the new default limit is deemed "not appropriate". 

The changes are alleged to begin in September with the public encouraged to get in contact with the councils to discuss where they believe it is necessary, and that the changes would be considered where there is an overarching desire for it. 

Ms Asghar has pointed out that the scheme has already cost the government billions and will continue to create chaos among the lives of people and companies across the country. 

The Tory Member of the Senedd for South East Wales said: “It’s a real shame despite the Labour cabinet secretary for transport’s recent PR tour, and extensive media coverage stating that ‘change’ would be coming the default speed limit in Wales will remain 20mph.

“Regardless of the apparent change of strategy, Labour’s 20mph speed limit scheme is still poised to deliver a £9bn blow to the Welsh economy whilst creating chaos for the lives of individuals, groups, and businesses across Wales.

“The Welsh Conservatives have been clear from the start, we would scrap 20mph, keep it where it is needed such as outside schools, hospitals, outside places of worship and on high streets, as our goal is to get Wales moving.”