ANOTHER council in Gwent has opened a consultation to get feedback from locals on the 20mph speed limits. This comes after last month's announcement in the Senedd on potential changes to 20mph roads.

Monmouthshire County Council has made a form available on their website for locals to add feedback on the 20mph changes, which will be considered by the Welsh government in the summer of 2024.

A Monmouthshire County Council spokesperson said: "Following the Welsh Government's announcement, we now have a dedicated form on our website for people to provide feedback regarding locations that residents believe should be exempt or kept at 20mph.  

South Wales Argus:

20mph sign in Gwent

"All valid comments relating to roads that form part of Monmouthshire's Public Adopted Highway System will be logged and reviewed once the Welsh Government has provided the updated exceptions guidance."

Here, locals can have their say on whether they feel a street should be returned to 30mph, or stay at 20mph.

What the form will not log

Monmouthshire County Council has made it clear that the form will not log "any general comments about the 20mph National Policy, as this is a matter for the Welsh Government and Welsh Government Ministers.

South Wales Argus: Monmouthshire councilMonmouthshire County Council building

"Additionally, if your comments relate to a Trunk Road, as these are not the responsibility of Local Authorities, please email"

Other Gwent Councils have said...

Recently, Newport City Council provided their residents with the same opportunity to have their say.

Labour's Ken Skates MS, Wales' transport secretary, made an announcement in the Senedd on Tuesday, April 23, that he wants to conduct a "listening exercise".

Mr Skates added: “What I am doing now is listening to what people want for the roads in their communities and pressing ahead with refining the policy,” he said.

Mr Skates told the Senedd the 20mph policy will be targeted at schools, hospitals, nurseries, community centres, play areas and built-up residential areas.

Nearly half a million people signed a record-breaking Senedd petition, calling for the “disastrous” 20mph policy, which came into force in September 2023, to be scrapped.

However, he said ultimately "the degree of change" lies with individual councils and local authorities throughout Wales.

Caerphilly council confirmed that the situation will continue to be "monitored and reviewed as appropriate."

A spokesman for Caerphilly County Borough Council,  said: "The new 20mph legislation has been implemented in accordance with WG [Welsh Government] guidelines and the situation will continue to be monitored and reviewed as appropriate."

Other parties' response to the 20mph

Responding to the Labour Government’s statement on the controversial 20mph policy, Delyth Jewell MS (Plaid Cymru spokesperson for transport), said:

“Over six months have passed since Plaid Cymru tabled a Senedd amendment, and won the vote, gaining a commitment from the Welsh Government to review the effect of new limits and to empower local authorities to make further exemptions.

“Plaid Cymru fully backs the principle of widespread 20mph zones to make our roads safer and save lives - but no one can deny that there have been widespread problems with its implementation from day one.

“The Labour Government need to put this right by using the powers passed in Plaid Cymru’s amendment, and work with local authorities and communities to get this policy right once and for all.”

Natasha Asghar MS, shadow transport minister and Conservative party member, said: “All of Labour’s talk of change on their flawed 20mph speed limit was sadly just a comms exercise which has consequently made people from all corners of Wales believe that their roads will be going back to 30mph."

“The bottom line is that after all of Labour’s talk about listening to the Welsh people, the default speed limit across Wales will remain 20mph. Nothing has changed to everyone inside and outside of Wales.

“Instead of making councils clean up the mess of this daft, divisive and destructive policy, it should be scrapped in its entirety, so common sense can prevail and 20mph remains where it is needed such as outside Schools, play areas, high streets, places of worship etc.”