A SEAL sculpture has been vandalised in Chepstow.

Local reports have said one of the static seals on the seal trail in Chepstow has been "ripped off its plinth" and launched over Dell wall.

Now, the sculpture on Welsh Street, has been thrown over a wall near Chepstow School.

South Wales Argus: A seal sculpture was ripped off its plinthA seal sculpture was ripped off its plinth (Image: Marcus Hobbs)

The seal sculpture is one of many seal sculptures in the area, was "painted mostly by local school children".

The seal sculpture trail was created for the Chepstow Festival of Arts after the salmon-stealing exploits of Sammy the seal found fame online in 2022.

South Wales Argus: The sculpture was then thrown over the Dell wallThe sculpture was then thrown over the Dell wall (Image: Marcus Hobbs)

Sammy had been photographed numerous times from the riverbank at the bottom of the town, munching his way through salmon and other fish in the River Wye.

The organisers of the festival of arts said at the time: "We have been fortunate enough to secure funding to produce a series of seal sculptures.

South Wales Argus: Sammy the Seal trail Sammy the Seal trail (Image: UGC)

"One of the many aspects of our beloved river that is at risk from pollution and climate change is our occasional salmon-stealing visitor Sammy the Seal."