FRUSTRATED drivers are taking to the internet and signing a petition to change the speed limits on the M4 in Newport, which is gaining traction.

One driver, Christopher Davies, launched a petition calling for the 50mph speed limit to be abolished on the M4 in Newport.

He said it is causing “unnecessary delays and hindering economic growth”.

South Wales Argus: 50mph speed limit signs along the M4 near Newport50mph speed limit signs along the M4 near Newport (Image: AA Traffic Cameras)

The petition has so far gathered 338 signatures (9pm on May 7), with supporters agreeing that the 50mph restriction is "negatively impacting their side of Wales". 

Mr Davies said in the petition: "The national speed limit has been proven effective in other parts of the country.

"In fact, according to a report by RAC Foundation (2017), there was no significant increase in accidents or fatalities when motorway speed limits were raised from 50mph to 60mph or even 70mph elsewhere.

One of the supporters of the petition, Jon Wallsgrove, added: "The 50mph speed limit causes massive congestion and appalling unnecessary pollution.

"I used to enjoy visiting south Wales, but this is now totally unviable due to the low speed limits. It is quicker to drive to the south of France.”

Chris Bown, another person to sign the petition, said: "This speed limit causes bunching traffic, making it stop-start and causing more pollution due to lorries and cars spending longer in the area than necessary."

Since November 2022, enforcement of the 50mph scheme on the M4 has been in place.

The Argus spoke to the Welsh Government on why the limit was implemented in the Newport area and whether there are any planned changes for the M4 in the near future.

A Welsh Government spokesperson said: “The 50mph average speed limit on the M4 around Newport was introduced to improve air quality and smooth the flow of traffic.

“Transport for Wales is also working on the recommendations of the Southeast Wales Transport Commission.

"This includes plans for six new stations between Cardiff and Newport, prioritising local bus services and making it easier for people to walk and cycle.”

More information about the petition and how to sign it can be found at