ALDER trees are to planted along a stretch of the bank of Cwmbran Boating Lake as a result of new fishing platforms being given the go-ahead. 

Non-profit Crow Valley Angling, which is licensed to run fishing on the lake, has been given planning permission for 14 platforms, including two for disabled anglers, at the Torfaen Borough Council owned attraction. 

It’s planning department said its policies support “complimenting and enhancing” the lake that is designated as an “Important Open Space” but it needed to consider the impact on the character and appearance of the boating lake and its setting, and ecology. 

The wooden platforms were described as “minimal in size” and as they are to be placed along the banks of the lake where fishing pegs were located they are considered acceptable and senstive to the lake’s setting. 

But planning officer Tom Braithwaite said additional planting is required to make up for the loss of some species due to the installation of the platforms and to show there is an ecological enhancement. 

The council’s ecology officer is “satisfied” with final plans put forward, after a number of revisions, and the proposal to plant alder trees beside the lake between it and the Afon Llwyd river, which is the opposite bank to the railway line. 

The trees will have to be planted “in a timely manner” as a condition of the permission. 

An objection from a member of the public that the platforms would “dominate” the appearance of the lake, be “detrimental” to wildlife was dismissed as there have historically been “multiple fishing pegs” at the lake so the platforms wouldn’t intensify the use and the ecology officer is content with how the platforms would be installed. 

Mr Braithwaite also discounted the objection fishing lines could harm wildlife as fishing already takes place at the lake so there would be no increase in potential harm.