Hensol Castle Distillery has launched its own spiced rum.

Operating from the cellars of the 400-year-old, Grade-I listed castle, the distillery expanded its portfolio after enjoying success with its award-winning gin range.

The rum selection features two flavours: Hensol Castle Spiced Rum (40 per cent ABV) and Hensol Castle Cherry Spiced Rum (38 per cent ABV).

The spiced rum is now available in 31 Asda supermarkets throughout Wales for £27 a bottle, while the cherry variant is exclusively available from the distillery.

The spiced rum's production involves a fourth distillation, introducing a blend of responsibly-sourced exotic spices and an infusion of Welsh water. Flourishes of black pepper, nutmeg, cinnamon, citrus peels, and all spice berries are accentuated by a touch of dark chocolate and caramel.

Hensol Castle Distillery managing director, Chris Leeke said: “We’re thrilled that Hensol Castle Spiced Rum is now going to be found on the shelves of 31 Asda supermarkets and hope that rum lovers enjoy what we’ve created.”